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Syracuse Football Gets 66/1 Odds To Win The ACC Championship

33/1 to win the Atlantic Division. Hey, don't laugh!

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, how different things might be if the Syracuse Orange football team had been placed in the Coastal Division. We might not be favored to win it or anything like that, but it would sure feel a lot more attainable. When you've got Florida State, Clemson and now Louisville staring you in the face, the odds always seem stacked against you.

Bovada released its college football odds Tuesday for each of the major conferences and its odds for each team to win its division. As you probably guessed, Syracuse isn't near the top. But...all things considered, things could be worse. At least we're in the double-digits.

How we have better odds than BC of winning the entire ACC but the same odds as them of winning the division I will never know...

NCAA Football 2014-2015 Season - Odds to win the ACC Championship

Florida State                             4/11

Clemson                                   10/1

Louisville                                  10/1

North Carolina                           10/1

Miami                                       12/1

Virginia Tech                             12/1

Duke                                        20/1

Georgia Tech                            25/1

Pittsburgh                                 40/1

Syracuse                                  66/1

Virginia                                     66/1

NC State                                   100/1

Boston College                         200/1

Wake Forest                             200/1

NCAA Football 2014-2015 Season - Odds to win the ACC Atlantic Division

Florida State                             1/6

Clemson                                   13/2

Louisville                                  13/2

Boston College                         33/1

Syracuse                                  33/1

NC State                                   40/1

Wake Forest                             100/1

NCAA Football 2014-2015 Season - Odds to win the ACC Coastal Division

North Carolina                           8/5

Miami                                       3/1

Virginia Tech                             3/1

Duke                                        7/1

Georgia Tech                            8/1

Pittsburgh                                 25/1

Virginia                                     25/1

Oh, Wake Forest. It's gonna be a year...