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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #11, QB Alin Edouard

Four quarterbacks. But only one winner. The battle to back up Terrel Hunt will be one of the most competitive position races in training camp. Get to know one of the candidates here.

Edouard's Twitter

Name: Alin Edouard

Position: Quarterback

Year: Freshman

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 186

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

High School: Hialeah

2013 Stats: Edouard threw for 1,398 yards and 11 touchdowns and led the "Thoroughbreds" to the District-13 8A Playoffs. He also rushed for an impressive 432 yards, averaging 5.4 yards per carry.

2014 Projections: He may be Syracuse's quarterback of the future. But Terrel Hunt has a pretty good grip on the quarterback of the present title. Edouard's one of Syracuse's most talked about prospects, but he enters the QB competition with several disadvantages. He's the youngest (along with AJ Long).  He's one of the lightest at just 186 pounds. And he hasn't spent much time with the playbook or the staff. He's a dual threat QB who could fit well into George McDonald's system. But with such a crowded field for the backup job, the interesting battle to watch will be Edouard vs. Long for the top passer in his class.

How'd He Get Here: Originally a verbal commit to Miami, Edouard opened up the recruiting process after getting little communication from the Hurricane coaching staff. He picked Syracuse over Boston College, Cincinnati, Nebraska, Penn State and a few others.

What'd Recruiting Sites Say: Four stars from ESPN, three from Scout and Rivals.

Money Quote: "...If I come in and do what I have to do, I'll be the face of that program soon, probably not my freshman year but the following year."

Links of Wonder: SB Nation's Bud Elliott compares Edouard to former Oregon QB Dennis Dixon in his player scouting report.

Twitterfeed: @SelfMade_Alin. But, be warned. Alin must like caps lock BECAUSE HIS TWEETS ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THIS.

Tweets of Wonder:

Oh no. Keeley will NOT be happy about that.

What Does Shafer Think of Him: Not much specifically on Edouard, but he did have an interesting comment during National Signing Day.

You can never have enough quarterbacks, especially if they’re athletes. I think we all learned a valuable lesson watching the Super Bowl and watching Russell Wilson play, in how valuable it is to have a quarterback who can run and create plays.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Alin's father came to the United States from Haiti in 1990. He worked two jobs to keep his family afloat in a tough Miami neighborhood.

Let's Get a Good Look Atcha: He's really fast. Like, even a little faster than I am.