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Syracuse Football: K.J. Williams Re-Opens Recruitment After Failing to Qualify

Yeah, this isn't good news...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Orange fans were already fearing the worst when it was announced that 2014 four-star commitment K.J. Williams failed to qualify academically. Well now, it seems like it may be a certainty he never wears orange PLATINUM.

According to his Twitter feed, the K.J. Williams sweepstakes is officially re-opened:

Nate Mink first reported the news for this morning (afternoon for all you East Coasters), and obviously this is a bummer from the standpoint of landing top talent. The 2014 class was a very good one, but the jewel of that group according to most was Williams -- one of the top 30 or 40 receivers in the country and a top-250 prospect. Head coach Scott Shafer has not been pleased with how all of this shook out, but being the nice guy he is, also wished him the best in the future when asked about it at the ACC Kickoff.


Now it's no time to panic. Even without Williams, I'd contend that the 2014 class was everything this program needed to start gaining recruiting momentum. The guys who are in the door now look great and several could end up impacting the Orange's on-the-field product this fall.

But if Williams suits up for one of our ACC foes down the road... this one may burn a little.

Oh well. Onward and upward!