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Jim Boeheim on 2015 Syracuse Recruits: "Best. Recruiting Class. Ever."

Jim Boeheim says that the Class of 2015 includes a mystery member who will make it the best SU has ever had.

Nate Shron

It's been said before and it will be said again. Jim Boeheim does not mince words in the off-season. If he thinks something needs work (like Rakeem Christmas), he will say it. And if he thinks something is going to be really, really good, he says that as well.

So you'll probably be interested in reading what JAB said at a Boys & Girls event over the weekend, courtesy of Bud Poliquin.

"I will tell you that next year's recruiting class will be the best that we've ever had here at Syracuse University. That's next year's class — 2015. We've got four guys (who've committed) and we're getting another, but I can't talk about that. It's going to be a great recruiting class, and I think you'll be excited about the future."

First of all, let's all note that we know the class includes Malachi Richardson, Moustapha DiagneTyler Lydon and Franklin Howard, who are No. 15, No. 44, No. 59 and No. 70 in the ESPN 100, respectively.

Second of all, "we're getting another, but I can't talk about that." YOU SON OF A GUN, JIMMY.

The natural assumption is that Boeheim is alluding to Thomas Bryant, the 6'10", five-star big man out of Rochester. He recently said Syracuse is at the top of his list. 10th on the ESPN 100, Bryant is still heavily into SU despite the fact that the Orange have no scholarships to give. That Boeheim is openly saying we're getting another player means we must have some kind of trick up our sleeve.

Even if it's not Bryant, the class is still going to be a huge one for SU, which will be heading into that season with a loaded roster and big expectations.