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Syracuse Daily Links - Meet Denzel Gregg, What's With DaJuan's Sneakers?

Get to know Syracuse's new walk-on and wonder what the hell kind of shoes DaJuan Coleman is walking in.

Denzel Gregg: Meet Syracuse's unknown Division I basketball player |

"I think I established myself when I was younger," he said. "I was playing against guys who were 19 and I was 16. So I caught some eyes. I was real athletic. I kind of had St. Bonaventure, James Madison and Appalachian State on me early. After I took my Bonaventure visit, I committed. It was kind of like the bigger version of St. Thomas More. It was small. They call it the Bona Bubble, where everybody is real close."

Hey, What’s Up with DaJuan Coleman’s Shoes? | Otto's Grove

Rumors have been swirling around the Otto’s Grove offices for a few hours about what the shit is happening here, with the likeliest theories being that DaJuan got lost in Finish Line and found himself buying a pair of women’s sneakers, or that he got lost and wound up on the battlefield of an epic paint ball match and his shoes took the brunt of the assault.

The Art of Sport with Jim Boeheim " Homestand Blog by Yankees Magazine

"I don’t think there’s anyone in sports who epitomizes what you should do on the field and how you should behave off the field better than Derek Jeter," Boeheim said. "I understand that ability is important, but as a coach, I often talk about the importance of coming to practice with a positive attitude, being a leader, wanting to play every day, playing hurt and doing the little things that don’t show up in the box score. I’m in awe of the way Derek has done those things. There really hasn’t been an athlete who you can put at the same level as Derek in terms of consistency, effort and character over such a long period of time."

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim helps secure $100,000 gift for Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse |

"I was going to take my jacket off," Boeheim announced as he fiddled with his blazer, "but I got in trouble the last time I did that."

Syracuse football: How to follow SU players and coaches on Twitter |

Some accounts are protected, meaning if you want to follow the person, they will have to accept your request.

Syracuse football will again raise money at Lift for Life event to fight brain cancer Rob Long beat |

Syracuse will hold its second Lift for Life event on Friday, continuing its fundraising efforts to combat Anaplastic astrocytoma, a rare type of brain cancer that former punter Rob Long beat. The event is private and will take place as part of summer workouts.

Kyle Flood Believes Rutgers, not Syracuse, is New York’s College Team : Orange Fizz

"There’s no doubt in my mind, Rutgers has always been the football program over the last decade that moves the needle in New York. When you look at ratings and you look at what college football teams are being watched in this area, Rutgers is at the top of the list every time. I was there in person during that 2006 season (when we went 11-2), and I saw exactly what could happen during a magical year."