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Syracuse Football: Troy Henderson & Ernie Davis are the new Scoop & Dion Cousins Club

Another Syracuse sports familial relationship is less than actual.

Chris Chambers

How sad was the day we found out that "cousins" Scoop Jardine and Dion Waiters were not actually cousins.


So it's probably best that we nip any future Syracuse Orange-related faux-relationships in the bud early as to avoid further disappointment.

When word started trickling out that 2015 SU football recruit Troy Henderson was somehow-related to SU legend Ernie Davis, something How exactly were they related? And how was this not a bigger deal beforehand? If you're telling me Ernie Davis's nephew is a football player, that's a huge deal.

Troy Henderson verbally committed to Syracuse on Tuesday night, but he’s had a connection to the Orange since he was born.

"That’s Uncle Ernie, man," Henderson said. "That means a lot. I won’t be able to top what he did, but if I get to do half of what he did, that’ll be satisfying."

Turns out that, just Scoop & Dion were "related" due to their bond growing up, so was his grandfather and Ernie.

"That's your Uncle Ernie," Troy recalled his grandfather telling him.

Soon after, Henderson learned that Davis was childhood companions with his grandfather, growing up together in Uniontown, Pa., a small industrial city about 45 miles south of Pittsburgh. And a few years later, Henderson is now verbally committed to play linebacker at Syracuse.

But the two families are not related by blood, the elder Henderson said in a phone interview on Saturday. Richard and Ernie lived across the street from each other on 7th Avenue.

Oh. Got it.

Carry on, everyone.