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ACC Football 2014 Season Preview Podcast: NC State Wolfpack

John and Dan convene to discuss NC State football and a lot of things other than NC State football -- like beer.

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Sure, Syracuse is the only ACC football team you REALLY care about. But there are still 13 other schools that play football in our conference too -- even if we only see about half of them more than once per decade. Just like last year, we're previewing our 13 conference-mates week-by-week, in podcast form, so you're fully aware of what's going on by the time late August hits.

This week, John Cassillo and Dan Lyons talk about NC State football for a little bit, while generally trying to avoid the Wolfpack in favor of topics like beer at the same time.

  • We find we could tear into Skip Holtz for an hour if given the chance
  • NC State's schedule gives them the bounce-back their roster won't... yet
  • Extended musings on West Virginia's problems as a program
  • Examining the Wolfpack's breakout players on both offense and defense
  • How teams with a glut of interior defensive linemen can adjust and succeed
  • USF... how have you fallen this far? (again, Skip Holtz)
  • Want more beer? You can also follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast is over an hour long. We spend plenty of time talking about NC State, but end up talking about a bunch of other programs as welll, plus beer.

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