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Las Vegas Has No Respect for Syracuse Football

Rabble Rabble Rabble

Bob Levey

Predictions have been rolling in for Syracuse football in recent weeks, and there are plenty more to come. Most have seen the Orange as a mid-tier ACC squad and one that will play in a bowl game of some sort. This week, the ACC media, now that they've gotten to know us, saw us as a fourth-place team in the Atlantic Division this fall -- and again, one that seems like they're headed to a bowl game.

So color me surprised when coming across this today, from Bovada:




I know, I know... Vegas doesn't know everything and this means nothing in the big scheme of things. But who sat down with a straight face and felt a team returning 17 starters from last year's 7-6 squad is likely to be hanging around the five-win mark?

This is the part where we, as fans, deride the #NARRATIVE about the program, the continued specter of GERG's tenure and laugh at the fact that the Orange have exceeded expectations in three of the last four seasons. Like we've said before: the solution is keep winning games, and do them in front of a national audience. When it happens enough times, the narrative about a "struggling, mediocre football program" dies off and a new one is born.

... Now time to book a flight to Las Vegas and bet big on the over.

(H/T SB Naton's odds article today)