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Don'tase Me, Bro: Donte Greene Fight Ended With Butt-Taser

Donte Green got into a fight over the weekend. It ended with him getting tased in the butt.

Hannah Johnston

Always good to start a Monday with a headline like that.

Take it away, Chris!

Former Syracuse player Donte Greene was tasered in the rear end by police while fighting with pro football player Jo-Lonn Dunbar on Sunday, according to a report by gossip website TMZ.

The website, which cites a police report, claims that police were unable to separate Greene and Dunbar and fired two prongs of a taser into Greene's lower back and rear end. Once Greene was shocked, the report says, the fight ended.

Pretty sure that's how Boeheim used to have to get Donte to play defense.



Both men face charges of battery and disorderly conduct. Donte just ended a summer league stint with the Brooklyn Nets in hope of re-starting his NBA career. Methinks this might have moved his resume down to the bottom of the pile.