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Syracuse Football: K.J. Williams Headed To Milford Academy

It's no guarantee that Williams will make it to Syracuse but it's a step in the right direction.


Milford Academy might as well be Syracuse's JV team at this post. The prep school has been the temporary home to 22 Syracuse Orange football recruits since 2004 and K.J. Williams is about to make it 23.

K.J. Williams, a 2014 signee who did not qualify academically, will enroll at Milford this fall, a source said, but it remains to be seen if he ever suits up for Syracuse.

Williams didn't qualify academically for SU this coming season, meaning that arguably the best player in Syracuse's Class of 2014 wasn't going to make it onto campus. While this is a positive development, Nate Mink is quick to remind us that of the 22 previous guys to head to Milford, eight of them never made it to Syracuse.

The most notable Milford players who made it to SU recently? Ashton Broyld, Dyshawn Davis, Jeremiah Kobena and Mikhail Marinovich.