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Ten Thoughts About The Jim Boeheim Tattoo

Let's dip into this ink...


1. Despite what Boeheim himself might say (especially if someone tells him about it), it's not the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. I've seen much worse tattoos and much dumber tattoo ideas.

2. What's going on up top there? What is that tuft on top of Jim's head? I can't tell if it makes him look like Sloth or a Conehead.

3. This response...


This is in response to the initial picture and not any kind of comment. There is actually no aforementioned bubble to be burst. And yes, there was a time when dudes got Marilyn Monroe tats. It was around the same time African-Americans couldn't vote, so, you know, nostalgia's a helluva drug.

4. This guy is going all-in on the Bernie Fine story being over. I mean, it probably is. I'd like to think it is. know...

5. It made me wonder if there's a better Boeheim face out there. I obviously thought of this one but it feels like more of a deep cut. Of course, there's also this...

6. Blue tie? C'mon, if we're gonna do this, let's do this.

7. Obligatory "DOC Gross Tattoo Just Over Boeheim's Shoulder For Photo Op" joke.

8. Jim Boeheim is OVER what I assume to be Uncle Sam. You're God Damn Right.

9. Obligatory Mike Hopkins "Tattoo-In-Waiting" Joke.

10. Even in tattoo form, Jim Boeheim looks disappointed in all of us.