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44 Things I've Thought About In Syracuse This Summer

I've been absent lately (I'm sure someone is happy about that) because I've spent my summer taking classes, working etc in Syracuse. These are 44 things I can't stop thinking of.

Rich Barnes

Hi. I've dropped off the radar with things (read: summer job/classes/beer) and miss TNIAAM. Anyways, I've had plenty of time to think and talk about Syracuse with friends and locals I've become friends with. Here are 44 random thoughts that have come across my mind I'd love to chat with y'all about. (Sorry, took a trip down to Louisville. That drawl is infectious.)

1) If all incoming students spent a week in Syracuse in the summer, we'd have no problems luring people to CNY however 2) that tornado the other day was the scariest/quickest storm I've ever seen. 3) Speaking of weather, no snow means lots of stuff to do outside up here, especially hiking/parks wise.

4) You cannot convince me there is better ice cream in Cuse than Gannon's. 5) If I could, I would eat Gannon's for 2 of my 3 meals a day. 6) Walking inside the Gannon's near campus is all I need to convince me never to do drugs. 7) If you can't tell, I have a Gannon's addiction.

8) While we're talking about food, I love the food in Cuse. I don't need anything super fancy, I just want a good beer and something I could say was my last meal and walk away happy with. 9) Dorian's' Artemis is the best food for late night munchies, we already knew this. 10) Empire is probably my favorite Cuse restaurant to date. 11) No, the Cuse diners are not the best in the world but they get the job done for a price I can afford. 12) Mother's Cupboard > Stella's unless you have to wait for three hours. 13) Tully's is like C.J. Fair: you know what you're getting. You know you wont' walk away disappointed even if it isn't flashy. 14) If you don't get tenders at Tully's there is something very wrong with you.

15) I don't want a new stadium built however 16) the logistics for renovating the Dome looks like a catch 22 game you play with the devil. 17) There is no way you don't significantly anger season ticket holders, which is the biggest concern. So on that note 18) just renovate the dang Dome. You lose the Dome and lose the the most longstanding and impacting images and tools at athletics' disposal. 19) I look forward to the comments of angered fans when we end up playing half of that football season in Metlife and the other half in Buffalo. 20) I don't look forward to seeing what the plan is for basketball.

21) Speaking of which, I'm 99% sure basketball will be a top 3 ACC team this year. 22) Boeheim has shown we're not a rebuild team anymore, we reload. 23) I'm also pretty sure Boeheim is gone once his son is on the basketball team as the next Cooney type shooter. 24) The Hopkins Era will be fun when that day comes.

25) Football will be fun this year, but I think the whole 38,000 fans/game thing is going to persist. 26) It's just too difficult to get fans to the Dome under the current circumstances. 27) Add a new roof on the Dome and make it all shiny and I think the above problem ends so long as Shafer doesn't pull a GERG. 28) I'd love to see Shafer in the community more. He's the best asset to the football program right now.

29) I can't read comments sections of any other site that's not TNIAAM. That includes social media. 30) If I ever become a dot com comment guy, drop the ban hammer on me. 31) The amount of time I spend scanning 10 posts online equals the time I could thoughtfully read and then post a counterpoint about something people actually care about. 32) I still can't believe I'm seeing the words "Bleacher Report" on CNN.

33) I didn't think I was going to be a bar person, but I really like the bars here in Cuse. 34) Compared to say Louisville, where dancing was expected, I prefer to stand around and shoot the breeze with friends and strangers. 35) Both of these things makes me feel like an adult until conversations inevitably move to things adults talk about like houses and mortgages and things I know nothing about.

36) The cell phone industry is the biggest mafia still allowed to operate. 37) And if all cell phone stores were in places like Destiny USA I would always be too terrified to complain about my crappy phone in person. 38) I've finally seen the light and will be leaving the APPLE COMPLEX.

39) No one gives a damn about what I think, so if you've made it this far I owe you a beer. 40) If you follow me on twitter as well as read this, I owe you a pitcher at Chucks. 41) No Chucks and no Faegans is perhaps the darkest time.

42) I have gone to and done so many random things in CNY I had no idea the area offered. Such as cliff jumping in Ithaca. 43) I had a list of things I wanted to do this summer that I will not get done because of the above. 44) I seriously think every SU student needs to spend one summer in the area. You gain a new appreciation for what the University means to the area and just how great CNY is.