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Are Syracuse Fans Obligated To Root For Carmelo Anthony?

Do you always have to root for Carmelo to succeed in the NBA just because he spent six months here in 2002-2003?


Given what's going on with LeBron James right now, it's a grand time for #HOTTAKES. This one from the Denver Post is so good, I honestly couldn't tell if it was parody or actual.

But why should LeBron get to hog all the Hot Takes? Syracuse Orange fans are allowed to get in on this action too, right?

Chris McManus of Under Further Review on Syracuse's ESPN station's got one all lined up for you concerning Carmelo Anthony and the curious case of SU fans rooting against their once-savior.

Maybe I have misread, but it seems to me that sports fans here don't have a lot of time for Carmelo Anthony’s NBA adventure. There’s even some animosity toward a player whose national perception includes descriptions like "not a winner" and "selfish." But before you cast aside one of the five best basketball players on the planet, ask yourself this: Where would Syracuse basketball be without Carmelo Anthony?

...Carmelo has a chance, whether with Phil Jackson or Derrick Rose, to make Syracuse the school that produced one of the all-time greats. If you don’t think Melo’s decision matters… If you don’t think his career matters… If you’ve sold him down the river because "he’s not a winner," please check your orange t-shirt at the door.

Chris, we're all wearing platinum shirts these days. Get with it.

I actually think there's a fair point here. Syracuse needs all the help it can get repairing its image as a place where NBA careers go to die. While there have been a lot of positive NBA careers from SU alums recently, we still need someone to break through and take things to the next level. Carmelo is the only logical choice right now and an NBA Championship for him is serious street cred for the school that has a building named after the guy.

I don't know if you're "required" to root for Syracuse guys in the NBA. I don't know too many folks rooting for Fab Melo and I personally find Dion Waiters tough to stand up and cheer for (despite his #Humble #Hungry-ness). That said, I'm always going to want the Syracuse guys to do well over them pulling a Jonny Flynn.

How bout you? Do you have a duty to root for Carmelo or was one season (six months, really) not enough to justify loyalty beyond 2003?