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World Cup 2014 Open Thread: U.S. Soccer vs. Belgium

Finally, it's time to take Belgium down a peg or two...

Laurence Griffiths

You may have heard, there's a soccer match today. You should probably watch. And if you do, you should hang out here and comment along the way.

Need to get hyped up? Here you go.

Need some reasons to hate Belgium? Here you go.

Couple things to remember...

1. Budweiser is not, in fact, an American company, but part of a Belgian conglomerate. I don't care what the ads say, if you are drinking Bud or Bud Light, you are helping the enemy. And you should just always think about that every time someone hands you a Bud Light.

2. Today is the only day in your entire life you are allowed to root against Kristof!. Sorry Kristof!.

3. Something something waffles.