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The Louisville Cardinals Are Facebook Official With The ACC

Welcome to the fold, Cards.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

As of midnight, the ACC changed for what we hope is the final time in a long time. And it changed for the better.

The Maryland Terrapins officially become a Big Ten school (so weird) and the Louisville Cardinals officially became an ACC school. We replace a so-so football program (that loses to "very, very bad" teams) and a seen-better-days basketball program with a nationally-ranked football program and elite basketball program. Sounds good to me.

Louisville's pretty happy about it too.

The best basketball league in the country. Thursday night against Florida State. Monday night against Miami. Cardinal red running onto the field inside Notre Dame Stadium in late November. Some of the best soccer and baseball programs in America. Coach K, Roy Williams, Jim Boeheim, Rick Pitino. Death Valley. Fall road trips to gorgeous campuses. Seven of the last 14 national champions in men's basketball. Cameron Indoor, the Dean Dome, the Carrier Dome. Old rivals, new rivals. The nation's attention every time the red and black steps on the court, field or gridiron.

Seriously, ACC basketball is at ludicrous speed. And considering that Louisville was, pound-for-pound, Syracuse's biggest rival before we left the Big East, this gun be good.

Sounds weird to be the one welcoming you to the ACC, but, good to have to back in the mix, Cardinals. Good to hate you again.

Now...what do you guys know about lacrosse???