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Syracuse Football: Scott Shafer Closes The Door On Any 2014 Transfers

Sorry, Malik Brown.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Former Syracuse Orange verbal commit and eventual snubee Malik Brown has been keeping his options open as he looks to transfer from the Tennessee Volunteers and play football elsewhere. Brown told that he was keeping his options open and that SU was a consideration.

Unfortunately for him, that consideration is not reciprocal.

"We've had a bunch of kids inquire about transferring into our program," Shafer said. "For me, we'll take it case-by-case, but really we don't have any room."

"We filled our roster up and we're going to have to make some difficult decisions on which walk-ons we can continue to bring in," Shafer said, "kids that are on the roster right now, kids that want to be on the roster from the outside in, so we have a big problem, some tough decisions to make because I like all the kids."

Shafer's #NextManUp mentality wouldn't have jived anyway with the move so not a big surprise there. Though, reading between the lines, you can see Shafer implying that, if we think you're really really good enough, we'll find a way to make room for you.