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ACC Football 2014 Season Preview Podcast: Clemson Tigers

John and Dan spend an hour talking about every SU fan's "favorite" team, the Clemson Tigers.

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Sure, Syracuse is the only ACC football team you REALLY care about. But there are still 13 other schools that play football in our conference too -- even if we only see about half of them more than once per decade. Just like last year, we're previewing our 13 conference-mates week-by-week, in podcast form, so you're fully aware of what's going on by the time late August hits.

This week, John Cassillo and Dan Lyons get you re-acquainted with the Clemson Tigers. Yes, those same Clemson Tigers who we "love" so much. Yes, they're still pretty fast and pretty talented, though they also have plenty to replace from last year's successful squad. We talk about that and the much-improved Clemson defense, and (of course) beer. Some other topics may also include:

  • John's trying to buy Stanley Cup tickets... and it's not going well.
  • Georgia State is in an ideal football situation. So why are they struggling so far?
  • Will the College Football Playoff Committee face a tough test in its first year?
  • Brent Venables has done a miraculous job resurrecting this Clemson defense.
  • The ACC provides an easier slate for its best teams: Is SU one of them?
  • We're going to continue to remind you that Dan and I sort-of saw Duke coming last year
  • Want more beer? You can also follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast is over an hour long. Plenty of chatting about Clemson, but not so much that you doubt whether or not our contracts have been honored.


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