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Cosmos Closing? Marshall St. Pizza Place Up For Rent

A "For Rent" sign has gone up in a window at Cosmos Pizza & Grill. Uh-oh.

Back in my day, children, you had a couple choices when it came to Marshall Street-area pizza. You could sit down in The Varsity and enjoy a slice or two while looking upon murals that are clearly older than you are. You could saunter into Acropolis where the old guy behind the counter would have open contempt for you and smack your change down on the counter rather than hand it to you. Or you could head over to Cosmos and, well, I'm not really sure why you'd do that because you have taste buds, but, sure, you could...

Anyway, now you probably can't.

A "For Rent" sign has gone up in a window at Cosmos Pizza & Grill, which has served students and others at 143 Marshall Street since 1963.

The place has been closed for a couple months for what was supposed to be renovations with a re-opening assumed in July. That sign is still up as well, making for quite the confusing message.

You know where I stand on Syracuse University area late-night take-out food. There's Dorian's and there's everything else. I know Cosmos did a lot more than just pizza but I just don't remember ever feeling a pull to eat there. But by all means, convince me that this is a tragedy...