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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Safety Daiquan Kelly Verbals To SU

Add another safety to the Syracuse Class of 2015.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Union City's 3-star safety Daiquan Kelly released a list of four schools that he was considering as his top choices to attend. They were Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers and Michigan State.

Syracuse won.

He participated in a 7-on-7 tournament at Rutgers on Saturday and then made the drive up to Syracuse, where he said he was looking for a similar vibe felt during his previous visit during the spring game.

Here's what Kelly said when he made up his Final Four list...

"Rutgers is the home school, it's close to home, they show me much love," Kelly said. "Michigan state, they have a nice defense, a Big Ten championship team, great coaching. Pitt, sort of close, they show love too."

Sorry, Rutgers. Kelly also had offers from Boston College and Virginia.

Kelly is rated three-stars by RivalsScout24/7 and ESPN and some sites also list him as a WR and an OLB. So there's that.

Daiquan joins a loaded defensive secondary group in our Class of 2015. Given how volatile that unit has been since, well, ever, I'm all for stockpiling talented guys.