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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #26, SS Josh Mims

Get to know Josh Mims. Since there aren't any pictures of him available, here's a random photo I found in the SB Nation database. Enjoy.


Name: Josh Mims

Position: Strong safety

Year: Junior

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 201

Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y. (Hey, I know that place!)

High School: Nottingham

2013 Stats: He didn't play in any games.

2014 Projections: Durell Eskridge and Ritchy Desir have the safety positions locked up.  Mims was listed as the third strong safety on Syracuse's spring depth chart.  I'd expect him to be used only as a special teamer, barring any injuries.

How'd He Get Here: He left his hometown to play at Buffalo State.  After two seasons as a Bengal, he realized the error of his ways and returned to Syracuse as a walk-on to the football team.

What'd Recruiting Sites Say: A whole lotta nothing.

Money Quote: (from his Facebook, before the 2013 season opener)

"Wanna give a huge S/O to my boys bout to go to war today! We've been preparing since last winter for this season grinding none stop!"

Links of Wonder: Check out his retro-looking profile page from when he played for Buffalo State. Now sponsored by Wegmans!

Twitterfeed: Nope.

Tweets Facebook Post of Wonder:

Life keeps going and it's only two things u can do, be average sit around and complain or stop bitchin and do what u have to do to be where you want to be! # your worst enemy is you !

What Does Shafer Think of Him: As much as HCSS loves this frickin' team and this frickin' town, he hasn't said anything publicly about Mims. Bummer.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: According to his Facebook post from last August, the NCAA declared him ineligible to play against Penn State because he was one credit short. That's the NCAA, for ya.  Grammar Slammer could have come in handy after all.

Let's Get a Good Look Atcha: A few years ago, Mims joined "Bengals Magazine". Bengals Magazine is what you think it is.  Videos. For the web. Oh, is that not what you had in mind?