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Syracuse Football: WR K.J. Williams & DB Treevon Prater Fail To Qualify Academically

Two of Syracuse's top recruits in the 2014 class will be doing their learning elsewhere this Fall.

Our obligatory "Scott Shafer Is Disappoint" image until we get another one...
Our obligatory "Scott Shafer Is Disappoint" image until we get another one...
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Damn you, football recruiting. You suck me in with your visions of conference domination and then pull the turf out from under me as soon as I start believing.

News dropped Friday that K.J. Williams, arguable the best recruit in the 2014 Syracuse Orange football recruiting class, as well as 3-star DB Treevon Prater, failed to qualify academically and will not enroll at Syracuse University this fall.

Shafer said via text message that Williams and Prater are currently deciding whether to go to junior college or prep school.

The Williams news isn't entirely out of nowhere. The 4-star-rated talent was reportedly dismissed from his high school basketball team back in February, setting off a bunch of concerns over his academic standing. Turns out those concerns were warranted.

Williams is cousins with A.J. Long and Jarrod West, though it looks like that reunion will be delayed.

Prater was the coveted "Athlete" recruit in the class, capable of shining at WR or DB. He initially verballed to Western Michigan but changed his mind and committed to SU where he was already likely to be a bit of a project given how little football he has played. That project is now ongoing.

No word if they'll take the time-honored tradition of attending Milford Academy or something like it. If there's any consolation, Syracuse fans went through the same thing with highly-touted WR recruit Corey Cooper and Coop is officially in the fold now.