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Six Things Syracuse Fans Should Watch For During The 2014 NBA Draft

Syracuse Orange fans have a lot to keep an eye on during the 2014 NBA Draft. Here's where your focus should be...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

1. Who Will Take Tyler Ennis?

Syracuse's freshman phenom went pro after one season and that usually means he thinks he's a lottery pick. However, a lot has changed since Tyler declared and now most experts peg him as a mid-round pick. Jeremy & Alex think it might be the Chicago Bulls with the 19th pick or the Toronto Raptors with the 20th pick. The SB Nation mock draft sent him to the Orlando Magic with the 12th pick. And if you ask Ennis himself, he thinks he's either headed to Orlando or Toronto. The Raptors make sense simply because of the Canadian connection but more than anything Ennis needs to find a place where he can learn on the job. It's unlikely he's going to be putting up MCW-type numbers, at least not yet. All I know is, since Tyler will be sitting in the green room, he better hope he gets picked sooner than later.

2. Will Jeremi Grant be picked in the first round?

If the hype around Ennis has cooled, whatever hype surrounded Grant seems to have evaporated. He he mid-first round potential when he announced but now some think he won't get picked until the second round. It doesn't help that Boeheim keeps beating the drum that Grant should have stayed. The issue seems to be that Grant just picked a bad year in terms of the talent pool. He's gotten a lot of praise from scouts and experts but so have a lot of other guys who might be more prepared. It's hard to really know when Jerami will get selected, so it's probably just a good thing he's not going to be sitting in the green room.

3. Will C.J. Fair get drafted at all?

Such is the state of basketball that the freshman is the hyped talent, the sophomore is the possible first-rounder and the senior is the one barely hanging on just looking for a shot. If C.J. Fair doesn't get drafted, it won't be for a lock of trying. Jim Boeheim says its all about the workouts and Carl Junior has done his fair (see what I did there) share. Fair worked out for fifteen teams before the draft and he's still showing up in 2nd round mocks. Chad Ford is sending him to the Washington Wizards with the 46th pick. Our experts think Denver, Philly and Dallas might make good options as well. Even if he doesn't get picked he'll get his shot over the summer, but it sure would be nice to get three Syracuse Orange in the draft in one year.

4. Will Dion Waiters (finally) be traded?

Dion Waiters has only been in the NBA for two seasons but I feel like he's been on the precipice of being traded for seven. Waiters has apparently had a terrible relationship with Kyrie Irving and other Cleveland Cavaliers teammates and there have been multiple instances where his trade seemed imminent. Waiters seems to think what is eventual is eventually happening and that either he or Irving will have a new team come Friday. The Atlanta Hawks appear to be interested, so perhaps... Then again, I'm having deja vu.

5. Will Michael Carter-Williams actually be traded?

I don't know how many guys have been traded months after winning Rookie of the Year but the list must be pretty small. So it seems a little crazy that Michael Carter-Williams could end up wearing a different jersey in 2014. The hot rumor sends MCW and Thaddeus Young to the Los Angeles Lakers for the No. 7 pick and Steve Nash. It may happen. It probably won't. But the fact that the Sixers are so willing to swap MCW out for another top pick means his days might very well be numbered in Philly.

6. What will the events of draft night mean for Carmelo Anthony?

Nothing will be decided when it comes to Carmelo but how draft night plays out could effect where he eventually ends up. We know the Chicago Bulls are going all-in for either him or LeBron James, so expect to see them makes some moves to clear up space as needed. Also a good idea to keep an eye on the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers and even the New York Knicks. A lot of chess pieces will be pushed around the board Thursday night, perhaps clearing space for Melo to find his new home.

BONUS: Keep an eye out for Fab Melo at your local tavern. He's got to be SOMEWHERE, right?