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The Empire State Strikes Back

So there's a Syracuse Star Wars t-shirt now...for some reason.

"Jim Boeheim will show you the true nature of the Orange. He is your master now."
"Jim Boeheim will show you the true nature of the Orange. He is your master now."
Scott Casanova

So, this is a thing that is real.

Marketing Person 1: Syracuse and Star Wars, together at last!

Marketing Person 2: I feel like there's so much cross-over potential here.

Marketing Person 1: Oh my God...The Empire...The Empire State...the slogans write themselves! Pass me a Shasta.

Marketing Person 2: "Welcome To The Empire State," amirite?

Marketing Person 1: Hmm...I'm just worried it feels too oppressive. And referencing states makes me think of states's rights which turns it into a Tea Party thing...way too political.

Marketing Person 2: Good point. Oh, I've got it...let's superimpose Boeheim's face onto Palpatine and call it "The Emperor." So good! High-five!

Marketing Person 1: Hold-five. Recent polling shows me that most Americans don't believe in Emperors so I think we need to think outside the box here.

Marketing Person 2: Okay, okay....OH, I've got it. "Syracuse Football Is Fully Operational." Boom Shaka Laka!

Marketing Person 1: Makes me think of operations. Too negative. Hey, what if we just put Darth Vader's head next to Syracuse and then wrote Star Wars underneath it so people know we're talking about the Darth Vader from Star Wars and not one of the other Darth Vaders.

Marketing Person 2: SOLD! Just make sure you spell Vader correctly so people know for sure...

Marketing Person 1: Bubbe, c'mon, we're not a bunch of dummies...