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UPDATED #CuseTixForKids Redux Update: Mission Accomplished!

We hit our goal!

UPDATE: We did it! We've hit our goal of $3,200 and surpassed it. Anything we raise from here on out will go towards extended our amount of tickets as well as adding bonuses like shirts or transportation. Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign!

ORIGINAL: Last week we set out to raise $3,200 in order to purchase 20 season tickets for Syracuse Orange football as well as food & drink vouchers to go along with them so that folks who might not ordinarily be able to enjoy an SU football game could have the chance.

How are we doing?

With 23 days left to hit our goal, we have raised $2,632! We are less than $600 from hitting our goal and locking down those tickets & vouchers.

What do we do to get there?

1. DONATE! No amount is too small (except for $0. That's too small).

2. Already donated? Share the link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and anywhere else that Syracuse fans (and others might want to help).

3. Repeats steps one and two.

Once we hit our goal, we'll swap the money for the tickets & vouchers and then start the process of locking down charities and groups that can benefit. We'll also start talking about how to include the MetLife game against Notre Dame in the mix as well.

Any questions, let me know. Thanks again for helping to make this happen. You The Real MVPs.