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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Abusing The U.S. Postal Service Just Like The Big Boys Do

Are you being recruited by Syracuse? Better make some room in your mailbox.

Scott Shafer seems to be all about turning Syracuse Orange football into a "big boys" program. He wants to see the team competiting with the likes of Clemson and Florida State. He's got George McDonald scouring Florida for the best recruits we can get. He's going to be here when SU opened its brand-new practice facility. All signs seem to point to the program's growth into one that acts like a big-time college football program.

And here's one more. We're mailing the crap out of letters to recruits.

That's 3-star DB/LB Mohamed Barry from Georgia and 3-star LB Qaadir Sheppard from New Rochelle, NY. Both are from this weekend which means there are probably a lot of other SU recruits who opened up their mailbox to find the same mass of orange waiting for them. It also means Eric White's writing hand must be very sore today.

Does this stuff work? You might not think so, but then you see follow-up tweets like this and you figure SEND MOAR LETURZ!

I do like that in Chris Carlson's article, he notes that White, SU's Director of Recruiting, kinda poo-pooed this practice just a year ago, saying "that stuff is absurd." Clearly, times have changed. Or, at the very least, Syracuse recognizes that you have to get a little absurd sometimes to compete with the big boys.