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You've Got $30, Make Your Own Syracuse Football Lineup

You did it with basketball, now try it for football.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Last week's Build Your Own Basketball Lineup seemed to be such a conversation-starter, I gots to thinking that we might want to try it with Syracuse Orange football.

Now, we're not going to sit here and figure out which SU offensive tackle should cost $4 and which one should cost $2. And as for defense, I mean, whose got time for that? So we're going to stick to number-crunching offensive players. One quarterback. Two running backs. Two wide receivers. And a tight end.

You've got $30. How do you spend it?

Donovan McNabb ($5)
Don McPherson ($4)
Marvin Graves ($3)
Ryan Nassib ($2)
Troy Nunes ($1)

Ernie Davis ($10)
Jim Brown ($9)
Floyd Little ($8)
Walter Reyes ($7)
Joe Morris ($6)
Larry Csonka ($5)
James Mungro ($4)
Dee Brown ($3)
David Walker ($2)
Delone Carter ($1)

Marvin Harrison ($10)
Art Monk ($9)
Rob Moore ($8)
Mike Williams ($7)
Alec Lemon ($6)
Scott Schwedes ($5)
Quadry Ismail ($4)
Kevin Johnson ($3)
Shelby Hill ($2)
Marcus Sales ($1)

Nick Provo ($5)
Chris Gedney ($4)
John Mackey ($3)
Roland Williams ($2)
Pat Kelly ($1)

I ended up with Graves ($3), Reyes ($7), Csonka ($5), Moore ($8), Ismael ($4) & Mackey ($3). If you look at the stats, Graves was actually more efficient than McNabb. All due respect to The 44s but Reyes is criminally-underrated in the history of SU football. Csonka gets overshadowed by Little but he was no slouch in the yards & TD categories. Moore felt like a solid choice for WR1 and I decided to go Ismael for the trickery and Mackey for the straight-up physicality.

What did you end up with?