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We're Officially No. 1 (In College Basketball Season Attendance)

The Orange topped out at 427,550 in 18 games.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It was already a foregone conclusion but now it's official. For the first time since 2005, Syracuse college basketball in attendance during the 2013-14 season.

For the first time since 2005, Syracuse returned to the top spot to lead the nation in home attendance average at 26,253. This is the 13th time Syracuse has taken the attendance title including 11 straight from 1985 to 1995. Kentucky, which led the nation 17 of the last 18 previous seasons, finished second this year at 22,964. Louisville was the only other school to average more than 20,000 a game, with the Cardinals averaging 21,282 per game.

Syracuse was one of six schools to total over 300K fans for home games. The Orange topped out at 427,550 in 18 games, followed by Kentucky (413,350 in 18) and Louisville (383,070 in 18). That also means SU averaged 26,253 fans per game, overtaking Kentucky easily (22,964 fans).

The ACC Effect played a huge part in the boost. SU averaged 22,439 fans per game in the previous season. Speaking of the ACC, three schools ended up in the top five (SU, L'ville & UNC) and NC State was the only other conference school in the Top 25 down at No. 25. has a full breakdown of game-by-game attendance figures. Clearly, keep the Duke & UNC games coming...maybe not so much with the High Point games.

Imagine how crazy you'd have to be to want SU to move into a smaller aren....oh, right...