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#CuseTixForKids Redux: Let's Buy Some Syracuse Football Season Tickets

It's time to raise some money again, this time for an entire season's worth of games.

In December, Syracuse fans came together and raised $44,444 to send thousands of local kids to the Texas Bowl to watch the Syracuse Orange football team defeat Minnesota. Now that we know we can raise money to help those who couldn't otherwise get to enjoy an SU game, let's do it again.

TNIAAM has been able to procure 20 season tickets in Section 323 for the 2014 Syracuse Football season. Along with that, we're getting concession vouchers for hot dogs and drinks for each game.

20 season tickets in Section 323 = $2,500 (20 seats at $125 per seat for the Villanova, Maryland, Louisville, FSU, NC State & Duke games.)

120 concession vouchers for 1 hot dog and 1 22oz soda = $660 (cost of $5.50 per seat per game.)

Total Required = $3,160


We can go beyond the goal to cover extra costs such as transporation and/or more vouchers. We're also working on getting something going for the MetLife game as well which may be a separate thing.

Based on what we've raised before, that should be pretty easy. We've set a deadline of 30 days to hit our goal, which will cover the tickets and vouchers. So, the question is...who's going to sit in these seats and eat these Dome Dogs?

We're going to reach out to various groups in and around Syracuse. Whereas we might give the tickets to a children's charity for one game, we might give them to a military charity for another. Each game will be a different charity or group and we'll work to make sure ever ticket & voucher gets used. We'll post pics and recaps on TNIAAM after every game.

Any questions, inquire within. Thank you in advance for donating and check out the reward levels to see if there's something extra you'd like to receive for donating at a higher level. And please, share the donation page link on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere so we can raise the money in record time!