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Jim Boeheim Is The Nicholas Sparks Of ACC Basketball Coaches

Boeheim sat down with Rick Pitino, Coach K and Roy Williams to share stories of yesteryear.

With the addition of the Louisville Cardinals and Rick Pitino, the ACC now has four of the biggest heavy-hitting coaches in college basketball in its ranks. Pitino recently sat down with Syracuse's Jim Boeheim, Duke's Coach K and UNC's Roy Williams to talk about how these four Hall of Famers relate to one another and to hear about the memorable stories that link them and their storied programs.

Along the way, we heard the infamous story about what happened when Boeheim hired Pitino (who went off to recruit "Louis" Orr). We also hear how Boeheim basically saved Pitino's marriage as it had barely began. Between this and the news that Boeheim is ghost-writing romance novels, he's challenging the long held-belief that James Arthur doesn't understand the fairer sex.

You'd think Rick would've been more careful in later years given the work Jimmy B did...