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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #6, SS Ritchy Desir

Today, get reacquainted with Orange safety Ritchy Desir!

Bob Levey

Name: Ritchy Desir

Position:Strong Safety

Year: Senior

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 185

Hometown: North Miami Beach, Fla.

High School: North Miami Beach High School

2013 Stats: Played in every game for SU, making an impact on the defensive side of things, as well as punt returns. He recorded 47 tackles, including two tackles-for-loss, and also had an interception. On special teams, he returned 27 punts for 111 yards -- an average of 4.1 yards per return.

2014 Projections: He has a real chance to shine at the strong safety position this year, and is going to be handling punts in some capacity, too. Expect him to make an impact on defense -- for better or for worse.

How'd He Get Here: Desir did the right thing and turned down West Virginia (ha!), FIU, Western Michigan, Texas Tech and Kansas for a chance to suit up for the 'Cuse.

What'd Recruiting Sites Say: Scout said two and Rivals said three.

Money Quote: Ritchy, talking to about this offseason's punt returner controversy between him and Brisly Estime:

"Everything is a competition. I'm just not going to let him get it. He's just not going to let me get it. We're competing, and we're willing to make each other better."

Links Of Wonder: Ritchy's MySpace profile can be found with very little effort. If that's not wondrous to you, I don't know what to tell you. Especially when you consider that Ritchy was in high school well after people typically had MySpace profiles (2006-2010).

Twitterfeed: You can find him over at @RitchyDesir.

Tweets Of Wonder: You thought you were #blessed, and that was enough. But Ritchy one-ups you:

What Does Shafer Think Of Him: He's a steady guy, apparently:

"You have to have a steady guy back there who can be extremely disciplined and extremely consistent in catching the football."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Standout 2014 SU recruit Steve Ishmael was friends and teammates with Desir when they were both at North Miami Beach High School. (Go Chargers, I guess)

Let's Get A Good Look Atcha: Here's Ritchy playing safety and QB back in high schoool: