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Jim Boeheim Talks NBA Draft & The Latest Most Bull**** Thing He's Ever Heard

Grab your popcorn cause Jim Boeheim is talking about Ennis, Grant, Fair and the NBA Draft.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim chatted with Brent Axe over the weekend to talk about C.J. Fair, Jerami Grant, Tyler Ennis and the 2014 NBA Draft. Because this is Boeheim, we got the color, insight and salty language we've come to expect and love.

You can listen to the podcast here or read the transcript over here. Some highlights...

On what his conversations with Ennis & Grant were like before they went pro:

You know, I don't talk to players anymore. They make up their mind and they go. You know, it's really, there, it used to be you wanted to go in the top six, eight picks. Now, players just wanna go. First-round pick.

The disappointing part is, NBA teams really don't even want the draft picks after the first 15 (picks). They would rather trade them. Give 'em away, whatever. Because they don't want that guy, they've got too many guys and don't want to give that guy guaranteed money. So, you'll find a lot of NBA teams trade those picks.

On the importance of not just where you're drafted but who drafts you...

Michael Carter-Williams got a humongous opportunity (with the Philadelphia 76ers) because Philadelphia traded their point guard. He got to play. That is unusual...I think if Michael Carter-Williams had gone to a little bit better of a team, he might have been playing in the D-League. Instead, he's the rookie of the year. Where you go, where you come out in the draft is everything.

On the physical demands of the NBA...

...when Dion Waiters went out, he was physically 100% ready. Physically. And he's done fine. When Donte Greene went out, he wasn't physically ready and he hasn't done well. So you have to look from experience at what you've seen. Carmelo (Anthony) was physical, ready to go. I think it's hard to go in the NBA, particularly up front and when you are playing up against guys that are 240 or 250 (pounds), it's difficult.

On thoughts that C.J. Fair should have left after his junior season...

That's all complete bull (expletive). That's the most bull (expletive) thing I have ever heard when people say that. He's in much better shape this year. He's a much better player this year. So he has a much better chance. Now, if he doesn't make it, it isn't because he didn't come out last year. He's a much better player.

While we add that quote to the list of things Jim Boeheim thinks is the stupidest/dumbest/most bullshit things he's ever heard, go ahead and give the whole podcast a listen.