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Syracuse Football 2014 Game Betting Lines: Guess What, We're Underdogs

Odds for the Notre Dame, Louisville and FSU games are in.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden Nugget, which I stayed at once during a cross-country trip and was really cheap but actually very nice despite what you might think of a place with the word nugget in the name, released the point spreads for the top 200 college football games of 2014 on Friday.

The Syracuse Orange saw their names show up three times and also saw themselves considered the underdog three times.

Sept. 27 - Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-5.5) vs. Syracuse (MetLife)

Oct. 3 - Louisville Cardinals (-1) at Syracuse.

Oct. 11 - Florida State Seminoles (-21) at Syracuse.

So I'm just gonna say it...those lines looks kinda low, right? I'm not quite sure if Vegas thinks all three of those teams aren't as good as they were last year or if Vegas thinks Syracuse is better. Or if they're just kinda making it up as they go.

The ND line and Louisville line actually seem to fit. The SU vs. UL game is often a crapshoot regardless of records. And who knows which Notre Dame shows up.

As for the FSU line...I mean...even if the Seminoles are only 80% as good as last year's squad...that still sounds pretty low. Road game or not.

In case you're curious, FSU is favored over Clemson by 17.