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Georgetown Can't 'Pull A Georgetown' With Tickets In Upcoming Syracuse Series

Get'm DOC!

Nate Shron

pulling a georgetown [poo-l-eng-ah-jawrj-toun]

phrase (used in conjunction with Syracuse games)

the nefarious act of limiting ticket sales for basketball games against Syracuse University played inside the Verizon Center in an attempt to ensure that orange-clad fans do not overtake the stadium as they otherwise would.

The Georgetown Hoyas have long known the scary truth that, if you schedule the Syracuse Orange, then Syracuse Orange fans will invade your home stadia like locusts sent from God. So, despite the fact that we let them buy as many tickets as they like when they head up to the Carrier Dome, they've been resorting to tricks to try and limit our ability to attend games in their arena. Now that the series is back on and the first game will be on their turf, Orange fans must have been wondering just how much they were going to have to donate to GU just to get a nosebleed seat.

Turns out, DOC Gross has got our back...

Of course, they ARE Georgetown. They're a bunch of Shady McShadersons in boat shoes so I'm sure they'll figure out another way to try and limit our attack. Try as they might, however, we'll find a way around it.