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Syracuse and Georgetown to Renew Rivalry in 2015-16

It seems like it's official: Syracuse and Georgetown will begin playing one another again... in 2015-16.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

A sudden, joyful piece of news just came across on Twitter -- a piece of news that should be a cause for celebration for us all. Per formerly "disloyal idiot" Andy Katz:

Notice that this only lists out two years of games, and at this moment, it seems like no others are planned FOUR YEARS, WOOOOO!. Obviously it's a nice start, but we all know we want a solid 10-year deal on the books between the long-time, heated rivals.


My questions now -- and I'm sure more will arrive as the day wears on, since ESPN and various others will likely have full-blown stories about this:

  • What the hell took so long, Georgetown?
  • How did the Hoyas swing the first home game? Trying to get revenge for this, from the last time we visited the Verizon Center?
  • Why just two four games to start?
  • Does this mean we're not pursuing a continuation of the St. John's and/or the Villanova series? Or are we planning to just play two of these three every year in non-conference play?
  • Syracuse-Georgetown at the Dome in 2016-17 is totally breaking the attendance record again, right?
  • Related to the above: When can I buy tickets?


Again, more to come as the day continues. But how do we feel? Excited? Disappointed? Neither? Share below.

Obligatory: It's 11: 25 ET and Georgetown still sucks.