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Syracuse DT Jay Bromley Selected By New York Giants In Third Round

Syracuse's top draft prospect goes a bit earlier than expected. And to a very familiar team.

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the New York Giants picked two Syracuse Orange football players in the NFL Draft. They apparently love our product.

The G-Men selected Syracuse defensive tackle Jay Bromley with the 74th overall pick in the third round. Considering Bromley had been graded as a 4th - 6th Rounder, it's a bit of a stunner. Imagine how stunned Bromley was since he was in the middle of a late night shopping trip to Tops.

Bromley had 10 sacks and 14. 5 tackles for loss last season for the Orange. Not bad for a guy who went largely unnoticed in high school and only received one offer...ours.

The fact that he did it for SU didn't exactly hurt considering who the coach of the Giants is.

Bromley joins Justin Pugh, Ryan Nassib and Tom Coughlin as Syracuse folks with the Giants. Syracuse/Jets Fans, we will convert you yet.

For Syracuse, it means the Orange now have a six-year streak of getting a guy drafted. The first-round streak is over but having one more guy who ended up getting drafted high is always a good thing for the program. Congrats, Jay!