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Stop Smelling Gross. Smell Like Syracuse University Instead.

No longer will you have to lather yourself in pink peppercorns and liquid amber separately. Now you'll find all the obvious scents of a Syracuse University person in one bottle.

We knew it was coming but it's still quite the nostril-opener to realize that there are actually official Syracuse University fragrances now.

The men's cologne and women's perfume both debuted in the bookstore today. The tagline for both...

Energetic. Passionate. Determined.

The same can be said of ferrets and mosquitoes when you think about it.

So, how can one sum up what a Syracuse University men's cologne smells like?

Embodying the chilly crisp air of Syracuse winters, the fragrance opens with fresh orange zest, white bergamot and pink peppercorn. The aromatics extend with an icy aquatic accord, earthy geranium, musk and the subtle spice of cardamom. The base is white patchouli, mossy vetier, burnt amber and cedar. - a passionate combo for the Syracuse man. A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of Syracuse University.

Ah yes, I remember those winter nights in Brewster-Boland. All of us huddled around a tiny fridge stocked with Keystone Lights and Boone's, thinking to ourselves, "there's a sweet pink peppercorn-ness in the air I shall never, ever forget, my friends. Now let's do a waterfall."

How bout the ladies, though?

It opens with a sparkling medley of citrus notes - zesty mandarin, fresh white peach and juicy passionfruit. A lush floral blend of white muguet, freesia, dewy cyclamen and orange magnolia define the heart of the fragrance while creamy vanilla, smooth cedar, liquid amber and musks provide a sensual base. A light and fresh fragrance with a beautiful touch of Orange for the Syracuse woman.

Do you think they had to send back the original batch of mandarins because they weren't zesty enough?

Liquid Amber? I remember her...always wondered what she was up to.

So, who's gonna plunk down $40 and be our official guinea pig? I mean, our fragrant, sensual guinea pig...