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The Syracuse Women's Lacrosse Bandwagon Fan's Guide To The 2014 NCAA Tournament

We've covered the men, now it's time to get you up to speed on the women's squad.

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Hello again, Syracuse Orange Lacrosse Bandwagon Fan!

We got you up to speed on the men's lacrosse team and everything they've got going on in the impending NCAA Tournament. But we'd be remiss if we didn't discuss the women's squad as well. If you're gonna jump on bandwagons of winning SU teams, you're going to want to up to speed with this Final Four-ready one.

Syracuse Women's Lacrosse Bandwagon Catch-Up

So Are We Undefeated Or What?: Again, no. You need to temper your expectations. That said, we're pretty damn close. The Orange ended the season with an 18-2 record. Both of those losses came to the Maryland Terrapins, who happen to be the best team in the nation. So if you're gonna lose to anyone, that's a good team to do it to. Especially since if you go far enough, you're probably gonna have to go through them.

Did This Whole ACC Thing Work Out? Guess so? SU had a great inaugural season in the ACC, going 6-1 in conference play and making it to the ACC Tournament Championship Game before losing to Maryland. That defending champ and top-five squad North Carolina is the also-ran in the conference says it all.

What Are We Seeded?: We're the No. 2 seed behind Maryland. It's a two-seed kind of year for Syracuse Lacrosse.

Who's Really Good? Who Should We Be Afraid Of?: Maryland, obviously. The Terps are 19-1 and the clear favorite to win it all. 3-seed North Carolina is no slouch but the Orange have proven they can hang with and beat the Heels. And of course, there's No. 4 Florida and No. 5 Northwestern, both of whom have been consistent thorns in our side for a while now. Only one of them can make it to the Final Four where they likely have to go through Maryland. Thanks for taking the bullet, ladies.

When We Win Our First Game, Who Do We Play?: We're awaiting the winner of the first-round match-up between Stony Brook and Towson. We beat Towson 12-7 earlier in the season but either way the team we play is in for a world of hurt. After that we're probably looking at either Boston College or Loyola.

Who Are The Players I Need To Pretend I Know About?: Just worry about getting to know two really good players. Alyssa Murray is the senior powerhouse on the squad. All she's done is earn All-ACC First Team honors while being ranked fifth in the nation in points (88), 10th in points per game (4.40) and 12th in assists (37). She's also second on Syracuse's all-time scoring list with 340 points. Meanwhile, sophomore Kayla Treanor is taking the reigns and running with them. She leads the nation in scoring (102 points) and is second in goals (70) and third in points per game (5.10). She was recently named the ACC Offensive Player of the Year and both ladies are Tewaaraton Award finalists.

Are There Female Powells?: No. There are no female Powells. But a better question might be, are there male Treanors?

I Remember Complaining About Game Pace, Will I Be Doing That Again? Probably. One day they might finally sit down and realize the women's game doesn't have to be different from the men's game. But until then, they'll keep playing with those strange adjustments and teams like Northwestern will be able to stall their way to victory.

Where Does The Road To The Final Four Go Through?: The Orange kick things off this Sunday at the SU soccer stadium against their TBD opponent. Win there and they'll host the third round game. Win that one and it's off to Towson, MD for the 2014 Final Four.

What Should I Expect? Are We Final Four Bound?: We absolutely should be. On paper, we're inarguably the 2nd-best team in the nation. And with two games under our belt against Maryland, we've got the knowledge we need to beat them. This absolutely should be a Final Four run and perhaps much more...

Are There Any Matchups That Might Singe My Eyeballs?: Georgetown plays Johns Hopkins in the first round. The universe may collapse on itself. Be prepared.