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2014 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Syracuse Gets Bryant In First Round. Again.

Didn't we just do this, Bulldogs?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Because we had oh so much fun last time, let's do it all again, shall we?

The Syracuse Orange men's lacrosse team now knows it's opponent this Sunday. The Bryant Bulldogs edged out the Siena Saints to set up a rematch of 2013's first-round game between the Orange and Bulldogs. SU won that one but there was a while there when it got a little scary...

Kevin Rice and Dylan Donahue are two guys that are supposed to be the future of the Syracuse attack. When the Orange fell behind 4-0, Sunday in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, they wouldn't have been able to come back without the two scorers who feed off the pressure.

The non-seeded Bryant Bulldogs came into the Dome looking for a historic upset but eventually fell to Syracuse 12-7 thanks to tighter defense and an offensive outburst in the second half that has become the staple of the top-seeded Orange (14-3).

The good thing for me is that Pregler also did a preview of Bryant last season that basically holds up this year as well. It even has an Archer GIF and you love Archer.

The word you're going to be hearing a lot about over the next couple days is face-offs (or is that two words?). As in Kevin Massa, the Lebron James of lacrosse face-offs. The nation's best face-off man won 22 of 23 face-offs against SU in last year's game. Chris Daddio has improved his skills, but, it's a tall order for sure.

So, get on the bandwagon now and let's enjoy the ride. Opening face-off (which will be won by Bryant) is set for 7:30 p.m. ET in the Dome on Sunday.