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Mr. Boeheim Goes To Washington

Jim Boeheim went to our nation's capitol to talk leadership and oh by the way hang out with the President and Vice-President.

Don Amore

Washington, D.C. is a city full of scumbags, liars, degenerates, lowlifes and failures.

But aside from Georgetown University, there's also a lot of interesting people and places in town.

Syracuse Orange basketball coach Jim Boeheim and Dame Julie Boeheim had the chance to visit many of those people and places as part of a leadership seminar hosted by the Pentagon today.

ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas moderated the panel which also included Connecticut coaches Geno Auriemma and Kevin Ollie, Jamie Dixon from Pittsburgh, Michigan State's Tom Izzo, Tubby Smith from Texas Tech and Jay Wright from Villanova.

General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, hosted the coaches at the Pentagon. The day also included a visit to the White House.

By the way, Jamie Dixon, you couldn't have worn a jacket? It's the Pentagon, bro.

We don't know exactly what was said during the meeting but this tweet made me chuckle.

I like to imagine it was just everyone repeating those same cliches that SU football players retweet every day on Twitter. I wonder which one told General Dempsey that American soldiers should grind now so that they could shine later. Izzo, probably. Feels like an Izzo thing.

Beforehand, the Boeheims got to meet President Obama at the White House and they also got a visit from a familiar face...

At one point, Vice President Joe Biden wandered in. The Boeheims had met with Biden earlier in the day and posed for photos with him. Biden is a Syracuse law school graduate and a big Orange basketball fan.

"The President said, 'All Biden wants is to see Boeheim,'" Juli Boeheim recounted. "Everybody laughed. The President was very charming, very down-to-earth."

I refuse to believe Biden wasn't holding a Budweiser tallboy in his hand when he wandered in. I simply refuse.

Boeheim was impressed with Obama, whom he called "polished." I suppose that means he'll be okay if Obama goes pro after this term. As far as I can tell, Boeheim didn't ask Obama anything about Benghazi, which, you know...missed opportunity there.