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Hey, It's Another Syracuse Social Media Snafu

Another day, another minor social media issue involving Syracuse Athletics.

Bob Levey

One day, you guys. One day we'll get there.

Until then, this stuff will happen.

For at least the third time in this academic year, Syracuse is facing NCAA compliance issues related to social media.

The latest came this weekend when a local electronics repair shop posted a photo of two football players on its Facebook page.

The photo, which has since been removed, features quarterback Terrel Hunt and defensive lineman Marcus Coleman posing for a photograph after one of the players had his phone repaired.

At least its not the university tweeting out encouragement to unsigned recruits or tweeting about how you should buy a specific student's jersey or tweeting out a speculative link to an article about the impending retirement of one of its coaches. In a way, we've grown so much.

This one's pretty similar to the case last year when Jerome Smith and Ashton Broyld were in photos promoting the local ESPN radio station and their advertisers. Like then, I'm not mad, I'm just mostly annoyed because...

1. Terrel Hunt and Marcus Coleman should have known better.

2. The company should have known better.

3. An adult at some point in this process should have known better.

I'm guessing not much will come of it but it's just yet another reminder that whatever precautions SU is taking when it comes to social media, its programs and its athletes, it needs a few more.