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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Davante Davis Decommits Following Offer Influx

Thanks a lot, Alabama.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The downside to being ahead of the pack in discovering a prized recruit is that when the pack finally catches up, being first doesn't really matter for much.

A lot of Syracuse Orange fans got all worked up over SB Nation's profile of CB Davante Davis earlier this week for its lack of mention about his commitment to SU. Maybe it was just being prophetic. Davis decommitted from Syracuse today, citing his desire to "enjoy the whole recruiting process."

Syracuse fans can take some measure of solace in knowing a couple things.

1. It has nothing to do with what we did or didn't do and has everything to do with the fact that Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Illinois, Louisville, West Virginia and Wisconsin all suddenly decided this guy was worth talking to.

2. We're recruiting guys that Alabama and Ohio State are interested in, too.

If Syracuse were somehow able to wrangle Davis back into the fold, well, it'd be one hell of a power move. If not, it's just a good lesson and reminder for all parties involved. Don't be mad at Davis, it's a weird system and the kid should do what's best for him.