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Syracuse Basketball: Dajuan Coleman Is Juicing...No, The Other Kind!

Call him The Juice Tiger.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange big man Dajuan Coleman is in the midst of recovering from a knee injury that prematurely ended his season last year and might still delay the start of the next one. We know that Dajuan has lost a ton of weight during this time but now we get a first-hand look at exactly what he did to slim down.

Mike Waters walks us through the juicing process that Coleman used to drop weight. Of course, when you hear "Dajuan Coleman is juicing, there are a couple ways you can take that." Fortunately, it's the good version.

Coleman stayed on a strict juice diet for 15 days. He didn't eat any foods. He drank his juiced fruits and veggies four to five times a day. He lost 24 pounds, dropping from 282 pounds down to 258.

"I want to say around the fourth day I started dropping weight,'' Coleman said. "That motivated me to keep going. That was it.''

Before he started juicing, Coleman approached SU trainer Brad Pike with the idea. Pike assured Coleman that the diet was safe.

"He actually used to do it himself,'' Coleman said. "That gave me motivation because if I had any questions, I could go to him.''

Coleman plans on juicing again for 15 days and then, I imagine, bulking up for his eventual return. In the best way possible, though, as a lean, mean, converted fighting machine.

Also, I wonder if he used a Juice Tiger...