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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #43, WR Franklin Santos

We count down the Syracuse football roster and I complete my second Get To Know on a walk-on. (Thanks, Obama)

Timothy Eng

Name: Franklin Santos

Position: Wide Receiver

Year: Senior

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 175

Hometown: Providence, R.I.

High School: Classical High School/Cushing Academy

2013 Stats: He was active for two games – against Clemson and NC State but didn't catch any passes.

2014 Projections: He's listed as the fifth-stringer at the H-Back position in Syracuse's spring practice depth cart. Santos hasn't caught any passes during his time at Syracuse. It would likely take a rash of injuries or a lopsided game to change that fact.

How'd He Get Here: He walked on during his freshman year and made the team.  Santos played cornerback for two seasons at Syracuse before switching to receiver.

What'd Recruiting Sites Say: Rivals didn't have a profile on Santos.  Scout has this page, which doesn't have a ranking, or really, much to say at all.

Money Quote: When asked how the team would react if an athlete came out as gay:

"We’re all people, we’re all human beings and I feel overall people won’t really have an issue because it’s out there in the world anyway so it doesn’t really change it if it’s in the locker room."

Links of Wonder: A few years ago, Sean Keeley somehow unearthed this Youtube gem, "The Journey to FRANK".  Some of Santos' friends chronicled the long drive to the Syracuse spring game in 2012.  "Frank" makes an appearance near the 5:45 mark.

Twitterfeed: FranklinSantos1 (Fair warning: he hasn't Tweeted since 2009 so if you're in the mood for archaic tweets, well you're in luck.)

Tweets of Wonder: In his most recent Tweet, he used the term "the twitter".

If there was ever a spin-off movie for Social Network, Justin Timberlake wouldn't be happy.

What Does Shafer Think of Him: Nothing that I could find.  While I would love to have some inspirational, hard-nosed statement about a walk on's determination, I learned in Newhouse that fabricating quotes is generally frowned upon. Go figure.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: In high school, Santos set a school record for high jump. Back then, he also played baseball, in addition to being an All-Conference selection at wide receiver.

Let's Get A Look Atcha: High School Highlights from Cushing Academy.