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Troy Nunes is an Absolute Podcast: Recapping the Bachelorette (and Syracuse Sports)

John and Sean spend a bunch of time talking about "the Bachelorette" season premiere, and eventually get around to Syracuse sports...

Frazer Harrison

What happens when you're forced to watch "the Bachelorette" for several years on end? Well, you probably end up knowing what's going on. And in the case of John and Sean, REALLY knowing what's going on, to the point where you can easily fill a podcast with discussions about the show -- and I mean IN-DEPTH conversations.

This week, John Cassillo and Sean Keeley chat through all aspects of the season premiere of "the Bachelorette," but also Syracuse sports (no, really, just hang in there long enough). Some specific subjects might include:

  • "The Bachelor"/"Bachelorette" might be pure fiction...
  • ... Or the most realistic representation of American dating there is?
  • What is this fanbase going to do when Jim Boeheim retires? (hint: it involves fire)
  • Oh, and Syracuse hoops hasn't had a losing season since 1969, FYI
  • Weirdly, the Orange football team's biggest challenge this year might just be expectations
  • Discussing why Los Angeles will likely be fine without an NFL team

Plan accordingly: This podcast is well over an hour long. And fair warning, we talk about "the Bachelorette" for the first 40 minutes or so -- so if you want to skip ahead, skip to there for Syracuse stuff..


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