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Syracuse Basketball: Chris McCullough Expects To Be Academically-Qualified Soon

Were you worrying about Chris McCullough qualifying academically to play at Syracuse? Well, you are now.


A post like this usually ends up being a bad new/good news scenario.

The good news is that, via Donna Ditota, incoming freshman Chris McCullough will be getting his academic situation sorted out in the coming weeks and expects to be fully-qualified for Syracuse next season.

The bad news is that, chanced are, you weren't even aware this was an issue. And now, even though the news sounds good, you feel worse.

Issues were apparently raised about McCullough's academics due to his dismissal from Brewster Academy and subsequent stint at IMG Academy. However, Donna confirms that Chris, his IMG coach and someone with Syracuse University all say McCullough has completed everything he needed to. The only thing between him and SU is a qualifying SAT score, which he should find out about soon. He's already scheduled to take the SAT again for "precautionary purposes."

Considering the expectations being heaped on McCullough by Boeheim and others, as well as the fact that Jerami Grant and C.J. Fair are both gone, it's pretty critical to get Chris on campus and in uniform. Fingers, commence crossing.