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Get To Know Your Orange Man: OT #67 Michael Lasker

You know the drill: here's a number, a football player and info on him to impress your friends with. Today we've got #67, offensive tackle Michael Lasker.

Instagram account BIGLASK76

Name: Michael Lasker

Position: Offensive Tackle

Year: Junior

Height: 6-3

Weight: 320

Hometown: Corona, CA

High School: Santiago

2013 Stats: Saw action in five games this year including Clemson, Pitt and BC.

2014 Projections: Lasker should see time this year as he is listed as the starting right tackle. This does not take into account Ivan Foy's suspension but should Lasker impress and Foy not be reinstated until later in the summer/season, then the California transfer has a good chance to make an impact.

How'd he get here? He was one of the great "Doug Marrone LA JUCO Transfers of 2013."

What'd recruiting sites say? Very little. Neither scout or rivals ranked him out of high school, however once he grew in college, he attracted attention from both Cuse and San Diego State.

Money Quote: From Lasker's JUCO coach...

"The best way to describe him is boring, and I don't mean that in a bad way," said Dan Barlage, an offensive line coach at Riverside City College. "He's a great kid, a kid of faith, quiet, unassuming, smart. He'll represent the university in the right way. I think they got themselves a gem.

Links of wonder: Lasker announced his decision to attend Syracuse via his Instagram account.

Twitterfeed: You can find him @BIGLASK76.

Tweets of wonder: Lasker is the new version of Brandon Triche/Dion Waiters: He's a RT'er to the fullest, although it's mostly scripture and religious athletic accounts. When he does tweet, it's about his dreads...

What does Shafer think of him? For a kid who's starting now, he flys under the radar. No coach has really said anything about him except critiquing his performance filling in for Sean Hickey vs Pitt this past year... and it wasn't even Shafer.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Back at the beginning of March, Lasker's father passed away at the age of 51. Lasker did not take a leave from the team but his twitter has become a dedication to his father as of late.

Let's get a good look atchya: High school highlights! Just not on YouTube so no embedding :(