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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #73, OT Jon Burton

Today, we take a look at one of Syracuse's RTs. And remember people, RTs do not equal endorsements.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Jon Burton

Position: Offensive Tackle

Year: Sophomore

Height: 6'6" (He's the tallest Orange)

Weight: 325

Hometown: Spotsylvania, Va.

High School: Courtland

2013 Stats: He didn't play in any games.

2014 Projections: If all goes well for Syracuse but when does it ever? he will be a backup again this year. However, due to shuffling of the offensive line, Burton could be one injury away from the starting lineup.  Ivan Foy's academic suspension leaves a big question mark at right tackle. At right guard, Kyle Knapp's abrupt retirement and John Miller's potential shift to center also limit Syracuse's depth.  Burton probably won't play at all in 2014, but SU should have an emergency plan in place.

How'd He Get Here: OL coach Greg Adkins discovered Burton, who liked the "strong family feeling" of SU. According to an article from, other schools tried to swoop in when Adkins left SU for the NFL.

Burton, who developed a close relationship with Adkins during his recruitment process, said it felt like a small punch in the stomach when news broke that who he presumed to be his future mentor was departing for the NFL.

Other schools began sniffing around, Shuman said, in an attempt to lure Burton away from Syracuse. But he had already enrolled early at Syracuse and classes were under way.

Adkins also reassured Burton that the next offensive line coach, who is now known to be Patrick Perles, would be similar in style and demeanor.

What'd Recruiting Sites Say: Three stars from ESPN, two from Scout and no rating from Rivals. (Step up your game, Rivals)

Money Quote: "It’s a big motivation to be like, ‘All right, this program did something for (Justin Pugh). It can probably do the same thing for me."

Links of Wonder: Here's a profile on Burton's recruitment from Fork Union Military Academy, a post-graduate school in Virginia.

Twitterfeed: Couldn't find one.

What Does Shafer Think of Him: "He really has good flexibility – he really bends well," Scott Shafer told the Post-Standard. "He’s a guy that will give us some athleticism, with size, which is always big."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: According to Burton's Facebook page, the two TV shows he "likes" are Spongebob and Weeds. Interesting choices, Jon.

Let's Get a Look Atcha: