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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #71 OL Alex Hayes

All the shuffling around of players on the offensive line has opened up some doors for this sophomore to see the field.

Via Facebook

Name: Alex Hayes

Position: Offensive guard

Year: Sophomore

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 316

Hometown: Ellenwood, GA

High School: Tucker High School

2013 Stats: He didn't play in any games, so none.

2014 Projections: Syracuse returns a lot of experience on the offensive line, which doesn't bode well for Hayes. However, there's been enough shuffling and switching players around the various positions that Hayes has moved up in the depth chart. He's only behind Omari Palmer now, so that certainly opens the door for him to make his debut this season.

How'd He Get Here: Syracuse was the coldest place on his list. Kidding...sort of. Even though he had offers from Tulane, East Carolina, Central Florida, and Georgia State, Alex "hated the heat."

What'd Recruiting Sites Say: Two stars all around.

Money Quote: He had this to say about lunch at Dinosaur BBQ during his visit to SU:

...that BBQ was gooooooood. It was gooooood, man.

Links Of Wonder: More good quotes from Alex over on Orange Fizz, ladies and gents.

Twitterfeed: Hello, AlleyBoy.

Tweets Of Wonder: By definition, this tweet does make me wonder:

What Does Shafer Think Of Him: Aside from being smart and having good feet...

He's also like an 11 handicap on the golf course -- the first O-lineman I've ever heard of who can play golf.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Remember that time Quinta Funderburk didn't travel to the Georgia Tech game? Turns out, Shafer had a couple of homesick players.

I thought it was an opportunity for those kids who have been away from home to see the whites of their parents' eyes, which can be a really healthy thing for those youngsters.

He didn't name names, but Hayes is one of the few guys from Georgia, so he may have been in Shafer's thoughts.

Let's Get A Good Look Atcha: Oh heeeeey...