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2014 NFL Draft Saturday Open Thread

Will any more Syracuse football players hear their names called?

Cliff Hawkins

If you're a Syracuse Orange football player hoping to hear your name called during the third and final day of the 2014 NGL Draft, might I recommend headed over to Tops Market and camping out for the day. It seemed to work wonders for Jay Bromley.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of Bromley's third-round selection by the New York Football Giants. ESPN says it was a puzzler. Most reactions were muted and graded in the C/B- range. So if Bromley was looking for some extra motivation, he's got it now. Brom's Syracuse family was much happier with the selection.

Will we see any more Orange get their names called? We've got Rounds 4 through 7 today and there's at least an outside chance for a couple of guys. Dan broke down everyone's chances the other day and the two most-likely guys to get the call are Jerome Smith and Marquis Spruill. Hey, no one expected Brom to go so early so don't count out their chances either.

The final four rounds begin at noon (ET) Saturday and continue through the majority of the afternoon. Each team has five minutes to make its picks on the third day.

You can watch the NFL Draft on ESPN and NFL Network, or watch a live stream online at NFL Live or Leave your comments below. G'ORANGE!

And if you see Jay BromleyDO NOT spoil Gravity.