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2014 TNIAAM Bracket Challenge: And The Winner Is...

Ok let’s get this over with, already, then you may go back out to clean yard waste and listen to the Mets & Yankees lose again.

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Ronald Martinez

You can view the final standings here.

The 2014 NCAA Tournament just ended and it's time to crown the true champion. The winner of the TNIAAM Bracket Challenge. As you may or may remember, the prizes for the winner are...

Also available in the TNIAAM store.

1. A signed copy of How To Grow An Orange.

2. The chance to tell Sean to write 500 words on any topic you want. ANY. TOPIC.

3. A sweet, sweet TNIAAM T-Shirt.

Without further ado, the top 3 finishers in the TNIAAM Bracket Challenge are:

1)   ‘Brock the Rock.' Your bracket name is ‘Brocktologist.' Congratulations...not only did you win the contest, butt the joke about your bracket name writes itself.  As I examine the end of your bracket, I see you only had UConn as a correct final game pick. You did pick Syracuse to go to the Final Four so aw. Thanks.

2) ‘Ben Fink.' Your bracket name is ‘Finkalink.' I was going to make a Coen Brothers joke at first, but your bracket name makes me want to ask if you're also ‘Einhornink.' Mr. Fink actually picked 3 Final Four teams correctly...only missing on Dook, which Ben had winning it all...which is why Ben didn't.

3) ‘WILLIAM's Swell Bracket.' This man actually had Kentucky winning it all...and we all thought that dude with the tattoo was the only one.

Congrats to BTR on winning the copy of HTGAO and the right to give Sean a topic he has to write at least 500 words on.

Now, the one caveat was that in order to win the t-shirt, you had to register with Gamedat Depot. Alas, none of you three did so we have to move down the line to find the registrant who finished highest. That would be 4th-place finisher Thug Cooney a.k.a. Matt Hartley. Congrats Matt!

BTR and Matt, please email Sean at seanmkeeley at yahoo with your info and he'll set you up with the prizes.

Thank you all for participating. Enjoy your Spring/Summer!